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Professionally Inspected Properties

We inspect each property before it is uploaded onto our website to ensure validity and suitability for your stay. 

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Rent Unique Properties Located In Cambridge

Cambridge has much to offer, and with that comes various types of property. See what takes your fancy. 

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Price Match Guarantee Ensured On All Properties

We ensure that if the properties are listed elsewhere, they are available here at the best price possible!


Booking & Hosting

Do I get a full refund if I cancel? 
Should you wish to cancel your reservation, your option for a refund is determined by your hosts cancellation policy. We advise for each booking, to carefully read the hosts unique policy for both booking and staying at the accommodation.

Can I change a reservation as a guest? 
If you have already booked and confirmed your reservation and wish to alter the dates originally agreed, you will need to cancel your reservation and rebook. It is advised you refer to your hosts unique policy before you book, to ensure you are able to alter the reservation should you wish to after submitting your reservation.

Can I make changes to a reservation before confirmation? 
Yes. This can be done by cancelling your request by emailing Bookings@GoToCambridge, once cancelled, re-enter a new request through our booking system. 

What happens if my host cancels the reservation? 
If your host cancels your reservation, you will be issued a full refund.  

I’m trying to contact my host. 
If you’re struggling to get in touch with your host. We’re here to help. Contact us, through the contact us page, and we will assist you in getting in touch with your host. We would also advise trying an alternate method of contact, either by email, call or through us at GoToCambridge via our Contact Us page.

How can I trust my host? 
Once you’ve booked your accommodation, we hold the payment until you have checked in and confirmed your arrival. If in the rare and unfortunate circumstance, the accommodation is not legitimate, then your money will be refunded and further action will be taken following investigation. For more information on this, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Can I host with GoToCambridge?
It’s simple and free to sign up and become a host with GoToCambridge. We welcome all types of accommodation from apartments to mansions down to the quirkier places to enjoy a break. All you need to do is Sign Up on the GoToCambridge Platform and start listing.

How do I get my property validated as a Host?  
To get your property validated, GoToCambridge will ensure your property is what it is described to be by reviewing it after submitting to list. We use different validation methods.

Should I inform nearby neighbours about my accommodation being booked? 
Hosting with GoToCambridge is all about being a warm and welcoming host for your guests. This also goes hand in hand with being understanding and considerate towards your locals and your neighbours. Letting them know you’re now a host is something we really suggest you do! This will help inform them that a few different faces will be turning up from time to time and will reassure them in-case they felt uncomfortable.

How can I be a responsible and reputable host? 
Being a responsible and reputable host is something that GoToCambridge loves to see, and require of all hosts. Here are some things that GoToCambridge hosts need to consider:
- Set a limit on the amount of guests that can stay at any one time. 
- Inform each guest of the home and building rules. 
- Ensure the guests are aware of all Health and Safety aspects of your accommodation. - Ensure emergency phone numbers and emergency procedures are both provided and detailed. 
- Ensure you have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector at the location. 
- Inform your neighbours when guests are due to stay at your home. 
- Consider adding property damage deposit to your listing

What are the legal regulatory issues involved in becoming a host with GoToCambridge? 
After you’ve decided to host with GoToCambridge, it is extremely important for you to understand the laws and how they work in Cambridge. 
Cambridge has accommodation services laws which you will need to abide by in order to accept bookings at your accommodation. Before listing your property, please review these and ensure you make yourself aware of these laws. Failure to abide by these laws will consequence in penalties being enforced. Penalties may include fines or other enforcement.
We strongly advise reviewing the local laws prior to listing your accommodation on GoToCambridge. If you require any further information surrounding this, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.
By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and listing your accommodation, you are confirming that you will follow your local laws and regulations.

Reviews, Contact, Trust & Safety & Feedback

How can I write a review? 
To leave a review, please email with your experience with us and your accommodation or any other thoughts you may have. Your Feedback is important to us. 

ϖ Does my review go through straight away? 
Your review will be sent through to our administration team who will authorise this review. We expect all reviews to be truthful and free of any foul language. 

How can I contact GoToCambridge? 
To contact us, simply refer to the Contact Us tab located at the top of the website page. Once you are on the page, please fill in the contact form and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Why should I book through GoToCambridge? 
Paying and communicating through GoToCambridge entitles you to complete security from the beginning to the end. GoToCambridge will take your payment beforehand in your best interest to ensure that your money is in safe hands before you arrive at your accommodation. Once you have arrived and checked in at the accommodation, GoToCambridge will then process your payment over to the host after confirmation both parties are happy. 

What if I damage something in the accommodation I am staying in? 
If something is damaged during your stay, the host will need to be informed immediately. This will help rectify the issue for both parties. If serious damage is caused, then you the guest, will be required to follow the specific procedure laid out by the host which could include a claim being made. It is advised that you refer to the hosts damage policy before making a booking. 

How can I leave GoToCambridge feedback? 
Feedback is what makes GoToCambridge the service that it is. We love feedback and strongly encourage it from all of our visitors! To leave any feedback, please fill out the Contact Us form on the website.

About GoToCambridge & The Team

Find out what we can do to help you and who we are!

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Reasons to choose GoToCambridge

  •  Great Properties & Validated Hosts 
  •  Trustworthy & Secure with amazing prices
  •  Committed to ensuring smooth contact between parties
  •  Your Happiness & Feedback is our number one concern
  •  User-friendly service & 7-day support

Now it's time to introduce ourselves. Jamal Bouizedekane and Nathier Charles, the founders of GoToCambridge. Two local lads, based in the Cambridgeshire area with a passion for the City and everything in it. 

Having regularly visited Cambridge a number of times, we felt like more people need to be afforded the opportunity to come to Cambridge and experience it for all it has to offer. So, we both sat down and discussed how we can do this best. That's when the penny dropped. A rental service exclusive to the Cambridge area! We aspire to work with the great individuals in Cambridge, who wish to rent their space to those making the trip to Cambridge to see all it has to offer. We'll be there for you from start to finish to ensure you have the smoothest transition possible from the idea or packing your bags and heading over. We can't wait for you to head over. 

GoToCambridge is a service and a platform to provide hosts the ability to list their beautiful properties and earn an extra income and enables visitors to Cambridge to book the hosts accommodation for reasonable prices & having a lovely home to go to at the end of a long day exploring or have a relaxing day indoors.