Things to see!

Queens' College and the Mathematical Bridge

Taking a stroll down to Queens College, you are bound to come across The Mathematical Bridge which is a must see when visiting Cambridge. The Bridge was designed by William Etheridge from Queens College in 1748 and built in 1749 by James Essex the Younger. Since then, the bridge has been repaired in 1866 and rebuilt to the exact same design in 1905. The Bridge was built at the same time as the red brick building along the river connecting to the bridge which is the oldest building on the river cam in Cambridge. Visiting this historical place is certainly breath-taking and a must.  


Cambridge University Botanic Garden

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is peaceful, beautifully landscaped and perfect for flower & plant enthusiasts. The Botanic Garden covers an area of around 40 acres and holds over 8000 plant species from all over the globe. The Garden facilitates to the research of the University, as well as providing resources. A day out in Cambridge, a stop by the Garden should be on your list. Take a walk around the Garden, take in the scenery and the different species of plants, have a picnic and make sure you include a stop at the Garden Café which does great Coffee and food. If you like to be a little bit more planned, there are different trails you could take which you can view on the Botanic Garden website – Link below. 


Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the top historical sites in Cambridge and a great place to visit if you want to feel and know the history of Cambridge. Founded in 1546 by Henry VIII, Trinity College is the largest college in Cambridge and was once home to inspiring students like Isaac Newton, which is where he developed his theory of Gravity.  There are many ways to explore Trinity College and the history - You can do this via the chauffeured punting tours - prices vary depending on the tour company, walking tours or do a combo, a punting and walking tour. If you would like to see the college from the inside, there will be a small fee. 


Clare College 

Clare College founded in 1326, the second oldest college in Cambridge has been known as the forward thinking as it was the the first of the Oxford and Cambridge foundations to provide for a Master, Fellows and Scholars in a singular community. The architecture of Clare College is very picturesque, perfect for some photography. The College has its very own bridge that crosses the river cam, this bridge is called Clare College Bridge which makes the scenery quite attractive. The College also has one of the best gardens in Cambridge. 

Clare College is only a stones-throw from Trinity Hall and minutes from other great locations such as Green Street and the Cambridge Corn Exchange. You can expect to get some great shots of this college at dawn or dusk as it is significantly quieter at these points. You might even be lucky enough to have a red sky backdrop if you come at the right time! 


King’s College Chapel

Kings College Chapel, a true wonder assembled of imposing architecture, impeccable lawns and magnificent views of The Backs which is a picturesque area on the east of Queens Road in Cambridge. The s Kings College dates back to the 15th Century, founded by Henry VI and built between 1446 and 1515. The College houses the famous  'The Adoration of the Magi' oil on canvas painting, part of Philip IV’s collection dating back to 1628-29 which visitors are drawn to when visiting Kings College. This is a Must See when visiting Cambridge. 

To see inside this astonishing building, the admission fee is £9.00 or £6.00 (children and students) and if you would like a tour guide, this costs £6 (Adults) and £4 (Children or students). 

Adults £6 (Entry ticket £9 + tour £6 = £15) 
Students and Children £4 (Entry ticket £6 + tour £4 = £10)


Things to do!


Going Punting in Cambridge is a must for anybody. Whether you're a first time visitor, or a local, taking a tranquil trip along the river is a great way to spend a part of your day. What is a punt you might be thinking? Well, it's a narrow flat-bottomed boat, similar to the Venetian Gondola without the curve! Punting along the River Cam is one of Cambridge's traditional delights and is definitely recommended to be tried. With numerous locations to hire from, you won't struggle to find a punt for hire. 


Explore the University

When it comes to Cambridge, it is perhaps known for its prestigious University and the fantastic colleges that make it what it is. Founded by Charter of King Henry III in 1209, Cambridge is the second oldest English speaking University in the world. Some rather famous names are linked with the University, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking! The magnificent libraries, gardens and views are a must for any Cambridge visitor.

Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum was once described as "one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance". Quite a recommendation we must say! This museum houses five different departments of interesting pieces of history. Antiquities, Applied Arts; Coins and Medals; Manuscripts and Printed Books; and Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Together, these cover antiquities from various ancient eras. Egypt, Nubia, Green and Rome.

You can be sure to get some fantastic photographs inside the Fitzwilliam Museum as long as it’s for personal use, luckily, they’re one of the few museums in Cambridge that allow for pictures to be taken inside (providing you don’t use flash).


Explore the City on foot

Exploring on foot is probably one of the best ways to find your way around Cambridge. From the high-street shops to the cobbled side streets and avenues boasting local businesses and vendors, you can be sure to find plenty to catch your eye and seize your attention. On top of that, getting lost in the City is always the best way to come across hidden secrets and fun finds!

Cambridge Corn Exchange

The Cambridge Corn exchange is a fantastic venue that welcomes many talented and well-known artists onto its stage for live performances. With group booking and various different booking options readily available on there website, it is definitely worth checking out before heading into Cambridge to see what may be on. 

Whats on:


Places to eat!

Cambridge Food Tour

Instead of going to the usual well known food spots in Cambridge, we suggest going on the Cambridge Food Tour which is a must for foodies as you get to experience a variety of delicious foods from around the world, discovering hidden gems that most people do not know exists or would discover on their own. Not only are the Foodie guides knowledgeable on the cities best food spots and food topics, but also provides interesting facts of history about Cambridge. 

3-hour Lunch Tours - from Monday-Friday (£49.50). 
4.5-hour Taste Cambridge (£49.50) and a 4-hour specialist tour (£69.50) - Saturdays 

Private tours available for 10+ 

More information on their website below - 


Franco Manca

If you're a Pizza enthusiast, Franco Manca is the place to eat! Freshly made, stone-baked and authentic Italian style pizzas with low prices, making it a good value for your money will certainly make your taste-buds come to life and ready to order seconds. The atmosphere is friendly and service is quick. There tables both inside and outside, as well as seating on the second floor so there is plenty of table space for friends and family. 



The Fitzbillie Bakery-cafe is most famous for its large, delicious, syrupy sticky Chelsea buns, mixed with dried fruit and cinnamon. Fitzbillie Bakery-Cafe have been baking these buns by hand since 1921, sent across the globe and making over 200,000 a year. Heading here for their Chelsea buns and a coffee/tea should be part of your itinerary of things do in Cambridge as you'll want to see why this bakery-cafe is so famous but ensure to be quick to get a table as they are quite busy during the day. The Bakery-Cafe has a lot more to offer other than the delicious buns, they serve the finest of foods and a range of cakes and teas.  


Dulcedo Patisserie Dessert Kitchen

Dulcedo Patisserie  is another Hidden Gem in Cambridge that does mouthwatering freshly handmade desserts, desserts range from cakes, macaroons, pastries, puddings, chocolates and many more. Not only do they serve desserts, they serve a range of tasty sandwiches and coffee/tea. Rated by visitors of Dulcedo Patisserie as the BEST patisserie they have ever had, this is certainly one to make you come back for more.  The Bakery-Cafe is a very short distance from The Botanical Gardens and around 10 minutes from the Train Station. 

Directions from Botanical Gardens:

Steak & Honour

A burger joint to die for, serving the best hamburgers made freshly from 100% beef locally sourced! Initially a food van, Steak & Honour have upped their game by providing the locals and visitors with a restaurant where you can sit and relax eating one, two or three of their tasty burgers. If do you find yourself being out and about in Cambridge and don't have time to stop and sit down, they still have their vintage food van out at different locations each day of the week, just make sure to check the link below to find out when and where they will be.

Van Locations:

Restaurant Location:

Places to shop!

The Grand Arcade

The Cambridge Grand Arcade is a fantastic shopping mall located in the heart of Cambridge. With easy access via car, bus, or simply on foot, you will not struggle getting there. Boasting all of the usual high street clothing stores, and some unique stores, you'll be spoilt for choice on where to shop. John Lewis, Vans, Topman/Topshop, Apple, North Face to name a few! Opening hours are quite varies so it is certainly worth checking out before heading over. 


Cambridge Market 

The Cambridge Market is only a stones throw from the Grand Arcade. The Market is a fantastic alternative for picking up a bite to eat. With varied foods from all over the world, there will certainly be something to take your fancy. The market has been there for many years and is a staple of Cambridge's shopping identity. 


The Grafton Centre

The Grafton Centre is approximately a 10-minute walk from The Grand Arcade.The Grafton Centre offers various alternative stores and is a great option for shopping. Outside the Grafton Centre also has a lot of stores/cafes for you to check out, so you won't struggle to spend! 

Directions from The Grand Arcade:


Cambridge Leisure Park

At the end of every day, we all need a good meal to re-fuel ourselves. Cambridge Leisure Park won't leave you short of options to cover that. With restaurants such as Bella Italia, Chiquito's, Five Guys, Nandos and Frankie & Benny's we're sure you'll be able to find something that suits everyone! There is even a gym located on the park, perhaps for those who feel a bit guilty after overindulging! 


Side Streets and Alleys!

Cambridge's side streets and alleys are one of our favourite things about the City. Cambridge contains many side streets where you can find just about every type of shop. The beauty of it, many are local businesses so all very unique in their own little way. Exploring the windy, cobbled lanes is the best way to find those little unexpected spots and little surprises. Go out there, get lost and see what you can find!