Going to the generic eating places everybody always tends to go to can be quite tedious and boring for a foodies taste-buds. I will share in this blog ways to find these hidden food spots that are different, interesting and very tasty and also my top 4 places that are a must visit.

Being a foodie myself, looking for eating places will always be the first thing I look out for whenever I visit a new city but I don’t look for the normal eating places people tend to go to like your Franky & Benny’s, Bella Italia or even a ‘cheeky’ Nando’s which we all love - I love to look deeper and find these interesting, quirky and tasty takeaways or restaurants. You’ll find that the food of these little hidden gems are quite delicious as it is something different to what you normally have so your taste-buds start exploding with flavour and you’ll often find everything is made fresh. Cambridge has a few spots that are hidden that you wouldn’t normally discover on your own but once known, they’ll be on the top of your list of places to eat when visiting Cambridge and I can confidently say that as my list has changed since finding out about these places I never knew existed, so they are now my go-to when I visit. One way to find out these hidden gems where you can experience a variety of delicious foods from around the world in Cambridge is by going on the ‘Cambridge Food Tour’ which provides you with this experience. The tour lasts about 3 hours and your taken to these food spots where your able to taste and drink a bit of everything, so if your someone who takes a big interest in food and your visiting Cambridge, the tour is a must! Another way to find these hidden spots which may take a little more time but is a completely different way to explore the city, is by taking a random route and just walk. This is quite joyful as you'll come across some amazing scenery, history and really good hidden food spots. 


I will share my top 4 places to eat in Cambridge which will not be of disappointed if you end up visiting –


Franco Manca

While roaming around Cambridge Markets, I came across Franco Manca which is not so hidden, however this is a new restaurant that has recently opened this year which I have never been too so I was curious and my curiosity played in my favour as the pizza at Franca Manca is absolutely delicious. All the pizzas are freshly made, stone-baked and of authentic Italian style. It being baked the way it does, makes the crust of the pizza very soft complementing the delicious toppings. It makes the whole experience of eating their pizzas delightful. Another attractive part of the experience are the low prices of the food making it a good value for money. The atmosphere is friendly and service is quick and you can enjoy your food either inside or outside as there is plenty of seating.

Franca Manco Pizzas 



If you have a sweet tooth, craving something different and that of which would completely satisfy your sweet craving, leaving your taste buds still active most likely wanting more and taking some home with you then Fitzbillies is where you need to go, because their handmade Chelsea Buns will leave you feeling that way. Their famous Chelsea Buns are giant, delicious, syrupy and sticky mixed with dried fruit and cinnamon. Fitzbillies Bakery-Cafe are famously known for their Chelsea Buns which they handmake and have been doing so since 1921 so they are no amateurs. The Chelsea Buns are also sent all over the world, making over 200,000 a year and with those numbers, you know their Chelsea Buns are out of this world! I would highly suggest Fitzbillies is visited, enjoying their buns with a coffee or a cup of tea. Fitzbillies has a lot more to offer too with a range of their delicious and finest foods and cakes they serve.

Fitzbillies Desserts


Dulcedo Patisserie Dessert Kitchen

While visiting the Cambridge Botanical Gardens, which I must say is very peaceful and quite beautiful, I wondered off and took a random route to explore the city better to see if I can find anything special and lo and behold, I came across Dulcedo Patisserie Dessert Kitchen. The desserts that they serve here is very sophisticatedly made which is very eye pleasing, perfect for a Instagram post. The handmade, picturesque desserts not only looks good but are mouth-wateringly tasty. They serve a range of cakes, macaroons, pastries, puddings and chocolates and often named the best patisserie outside of France and that is saying something and I can safely agree with that opinion. They also serve a range of sandwiches and coffee/tea. The walk from the Cambridge Botanical Gardens took around 10 minutes which I must say was pleasant due to the scenery along the way.

dulcedo patisserie


Steak & Honour

Now if you want a really good special burger spot, Steak and Honour is the one to visit. They started off on wheels, in their vintage van going around to different locations in Cambridge every day of the week, serving their burgers and sides to the locals and visitors of Cambridge who obviously enjoys it a lot and rightly so because Steak and Honour have recently put the brand under bricks on Wheeler Street. You can now sit down, relax and enjoy their juicy burgers. Their hamburgers, which is freshly made and beef locally sourced is known to be the best in Cambridge. You could honestly get carried away and have more than one burger, because one just isn’t enough because of how good these burgers taste. If you find yourself quite busy with a fun packed day in Cambridge, they still have their vintage van which is not hard to spot out and about in Cambridge, just make sure you check where the van is beforehand.

Steak and Honour

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